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Giftease is two things, a
  • gift list site that allows you to create a list of gifts that you share with family and friends
  • and a registry site for occassions like your wedding, honeymoon or new baby
The gift list part of the site lets you create a list of gifts you want. No more sending out emails and update emails to your friends and family to tell them what you want.
You’re friends and family are gonna love it! Now everything you want is always available. Each gift can include a link to the website that is selling the gift and notes such as "I'd love this in red, but black would be just as great!" Gift giving has never been easier!
Have any children in the family? Children obviously can't manage their own list so you can create a list for them! Add a child and manage their list. Once they are old enough to manage it on their own, upgrade their account to a full account for free without losing their present history!
Getting married? Having a baby? No longer do you have to restrict yourself to registering at one store and finding all your china and curtains, or diapers and onesies in one place. Go crazy! Get your China at Macy’s and your curtains from Pottery Barn. On the Giftease home page, friends and family can search for your registry gift lists. There are no more limits to your gift wanting desires!